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Wheat Chakki Atta
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Especially grown variety of wheat in Shekhawati, is dry processed to get the taste of original home ground high fiber roti atta


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Wheat in the form of Roti/ Chapati/ Poori/ Parantha contains many nutrients and is a major source of nourishment for many.
The present day Wheat Atta sold in the market is very finely ground, it sometimes contain non beneficial additives. Above all the Wheat itself is also contaminated with chemicals and pesticides, adversely affecting the health of the consumers.
Morarka Organic has introduced 100 % CERTIFIED Organic Wheat chakki atta. It is not only free from chemicals and pesticides, but is also very tasty and digestive as it contains all the roughage material naturally present in the Wheat and thus is also very good for the health.
This Wheat Chakki Atta with protein, gluten content of 9% (on dry basis), medium hardness, fine and crumbly texture, extraction efficiency of < 69% is good for making chapattis which is creamy white in color and aromatic. Wheat Chakki Atta is made from grinding of wheat used for human consumption. The granules are so fine, that 70% of flour passes through + .2mm - .3mm sieve. The low gluten content makes the flour easy to chew and masticate. The medium hardness adds on to the strength and toughness of the flour which attributes to the stretch ability of the product and allows it to roll into thin Rotis, Puris or Paranthas. Stone grinding generates high temperature, giving atta an aroma of light dry roast.



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