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Amla Candy Spicy
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Tangy & herbal candy treats, rich in natural Vitamin C. The Amla as a mouth freshener, possibly the best as compared to any other option in the market choose between sweet and spicy


Price:   ₹135.00

This Amla Candy has been made from 100% organic ingredients. A fruit that is a natural health booster, Amla has numerous beneficial properties which are retained even in its processed forms. It is high in fiber and vitamins which promotes healthier hair, glowing skin and enhanced eyesight. It is also a natural antioxidant and has anti-aging and anti-stress properties. This rejuvenating fruit is now available in the form of a delicious sour and spicy candy that is also an effective digestive aid. It also contains Protein that helps in regeneration of tissue calcium, strengthens teeth and bones; Phosphorus helps to give nutrition to brain and helps in good eye sight. Iron helps to increase blood circulation.



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