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Chana Whole
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This pulse crop is consumed in maximum number of ways in India. Be it whole grain, after de-shelling as Dal and also flour popularly known as Besan, this crop forms the basic ingredients in the preparation of over 100 different food items. Chana Whole is a healthy food for people with diabetes because it has low Glycemic index. The original deshi variety cultivated in sandy soils for excellent taste and aroma.


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Bengal gram is called Chickpea or Gram in South Asia. Bengal gram is a major pulse crop in India, widely grown for centuries with majority production taking place in north & central India during winter crop and harvested in March-April and accounts for nearly 40 percent of the total pulse production. Bengal gram is widely appreciated as health food, , consumed in many forms such as Whole, after de shelling as Dal and also flour popularly known as Besan. It is a protein-rich supplement to cereal-based diets, especially to the poor in developing countries, where people are vegetarians or cannot afford animal protein.
From more than 70 project areas, we are providing about 1000 MT of supreme and finest quality of chana whole every year which undergo strictest pulse processing, being hand cleaned after machine cleaning. Adopt healthy lifestyle by eating healthy Morarka organic chana whole.
It has a very important role in human diet in our country. The whole dried Bengal gram seeds are cooked or boiled. They are also consumed raw after soaking them in water. For preparation of dal, the seeds are sprinkled with water and heaped overnight to soften the husk and are then dried before milling. Flour is made by grinding seeds. This flour is one of the main ingredients of many forms of Indian confectionery made with ghee and sugar. It is also used for preparing many tasty snacks like sev, chila and pakoras and curies like koftas. Green pods and tender shoots are used as a vegetable.



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