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Chickpea Kabuli Dollar
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Organic Chickpea Kabuli Dollar. Chickpea is a very popular item commonly known as Chhole. Mostly two qualities are sold, based on the sizes.Rich in protein & highly nutritious with a wholesome flavor.


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Kabuli chana is also known as chole, garbanzo beans and white chickpeas. It is especially popular in North India. Organic Kabuli Chana is cooked as a delicacy during festivals and parties in India and abroad. Chickpea is cultivated mostly in Central India; the new arrivals come in February- March. In many households the taste of Kabuli Chana, also known as Chhole is a sign of culinary skills of the housewife.
The present day Agriculture Produce is full of Chemicals & Pesticides, adversely affecting the health of the consumers. Morarka Organic has introduced 100 % CERTIFIED Organic Kabuli Chana cultivated in traditional growing areas of Maharashtra. It is not only free from chemicals and pesticides, but is also very tasty and good for health. Our organic Kabuli chana is low in fat, high in fiber, protein, minerals, has low Glycemic index. Being the best in quality without any adulteration, we care for the health of our consumers. Based on the size, mostly two qualities are sold; Kabuli Dollar of approx 12mm and medium Kabuli of 8mm.Presently Morarka projects in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh are sourcing chickpea.
Kabuli chana contains fiber which helps in lowering cholesterol and in stabilizing blood sugar. These contain molybdenum which is a trace mineral that is needed for the body’s mechanism to detoxify sulfites. Chickpea reduce the risk of heart disease which is due to the fantastic antioxidant make up of these legumes. High vitamin and mineral composition of kabuli chana can also help to stabilize its digestive impact on blood sugar. Chick pea has ability to increase chances for satiety and decrease calorie intake.

Cooking tips:
Before using dried chick peas in recipe, soak in cold water for twelve hours and then cook in pressure cooker for 20-25 minutes or boil for one and half hours. After soaking and cooking, chickpeas grow more than double in size. Dried chickpeas can also be roasted, spiced and eaten as a snack. Cooked whole chickpea can be added to salads, soups, and stews



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