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It is a bean, which looks like green peas.


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Vatana (Dried peas) like Green peas is a variety of bean are spherical in shape are produced in Maharashtra project area of Morarka by harvesting the peapods when they are fully matured and then drying them. Once they are dried and their skins removed they split naturally.
Our organic Vatana are small but nutritious and good source of cholesterol lowering fiber, thereby preventing blood sugar level from rising rapidly after a meal. Dried peas are rich in minerals, vitamin- B and protein. A single cup of cooked dried peas provides 65% of the daily value for fiber.
When dried peas boil, foam forms on the top of the cooking liquid .This foam is water soluble protein released from the beans and it will be absorbed back into the bean cooking liquid. It is not necessary to remove the foam.



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