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Cardamom Black Whole
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Popularly known as Doda or Kali Elaychi, it forms the bulk of Garam Masala. It is therefore consumed in fairly large quantities in India. Black Cardamom has a unique flavor and aroma. Black cardamom is considered a “heating” spice. Therefore, it is an important ingredient in combination with cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper in any garam masala. Black cardamom is much stronger than green cardamom, with a bold, resinous, and smoky flavor. It is used to give depth to masalas and tandoori-style spice mixtures.


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Due to the pleasant aromatic odor and presence of volatile oil in the seed, cardamom whole is used for flavoring various vegetables and meat preparation in India. It has fresh aromatic aroma of "Camphor".  By virtue of the traditional drying pressure over open flame, the spice acquires a strong smoky flavor. Black Cardamom is used as a primary component in the ubiquitous Indian spice blend, garam masala along with coriander seeds, black pepper, cloves and cinnamon. In India, black cardamom is felt superior for spicy and rustic dishes and can be used in liberal amounts.
Morarka Organic provides 100% natural Cardamom whole with no additives and artificial flavor that will enhance and intensify the taste of other ingredients if used after crushing a bit. It has an acceptable taste, flavor and aroma that stimulate the taste buds when used in rice and savory dal preparations.



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