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Punjabi Rajma
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A traditional Sikh food, tasty and very rich in proteins, sure with basmati rice and chapattis.


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From the Himalayas. An eye catching, tasty and healthy side dish for chapati can be made using very few ingredients. Rajma masala served with hot steamed rice makes a yummy treat. It is very popular dish especially in every home in Punjab (Northern Region of India). Rajma rich in iron, protein combined with carbohydrates in the rice, makes it a wholesome meal. This is a simple, robust, rich and tasty food.

In addition to lowering cholesterol, the high fiber content in kidney beans prevents blood sugar level from rising too rapidly after a meal. They have solid flavor and texture. The kidney beans pick up flavor well when cooked with tomato puree.The Punjabi Rajma made with special blend of spices and aromatic herbsis a boon for housewives who could not get this dish right at home.



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