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Green Cardamom Powder
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This powder is used for enriching the dishes with its typical flavor and fragrance. Available in its best pod form, the cardamom powder is used in numerous dishes & for medicinal purpose as well. . Green Cardamom Powder is highly valued, versatile and its pleasing flavor makes it a must in today’s gourmet pantry.


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Green Cardamom Powder’s pleasing flavor makes it a must in today's gourmet pantry. Like saffron and vanilla, it is added to savory and sweet dishes. Its seeds have most of the sweet, highly-perfumed citrus fragrance. They are black and sticky with essential oil. Cardamom is an expensive spice, second only to saffron. Green cardamom Powder is convenient to have for baking and other applications where the spice needs to be ground. Freshness and thus flavor is of course compromised when cardamom is pre-ground because it loses flavor soon after grinding. Cardamom is mostly used to add aroma to cakes, cookies, fruit compotes, marinades, charcuterie (sausages and deli meats), wines and liqueurs. In the East, it flavors meat, fish, rice, omelets and desserts. Cardamom powder is one of the main ingredients of Indian curry powder and garam masala. It is also used to flavor coffee in Arab countries. In Scandinavia, it is used to flavor mulled wine, compotes and pies, as well as some charcuterie products (sausages and ground meat). Cardamom can replace ginger or cinnamon in most recipes.



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