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Budget Your Kitchen
Minimum purchase value discount:
Any on line shopper on this site is eligible for progressive discounts linked to the amount of purchase made by them in any one buy.

The offered discounts on the total value of purchase are as follows:
Rs 1000/- and above ….1%
Rs 2000/- and above ….3%
Rs 5000/- and above ….5%

To enjoy the minimum purchase value discount begin your shopping now.

Advance deposit benefits:

Any health conscious organic consumer buying regularly all their organic kitchen grocery from "down to earth" gets one more benefit to further reduce their grocery expenses.

Get instant "Top Up" benefits on your advance deposits as follows.
Deposit minimum Rs 5000/- and get ….5% Top Up.
Deposit Rs 10,000/- to 25,000/- and get ….7.5% Top Up.
Deposit Rs 25,001/- and above and get ….10% Top Up.

How it works:
For example if Rs 10,000/- is deposited, then your advance account balance shall be immediately increased by Rs 750/- (7.5% of your deposited amount) to Rs 10,750/-. This means you can enjoy shopping up to Rs 10,750/-.

Note: The advance amount including Top up can be utilized for purchases after 1 Day from the date of payment receipt in our account.

To enjoy the advance deposit benefit pay first and begin the shopping. Pay Now

Group/Corporate discount:
Any organization/institution/companies/societies (having minimum 20 members) can register on "Down to Earth" shopping portal to get additional discount.

Once registered, all the members will get automatically entitled for 5% discount (individually) on all their individual purchases on this portal.

For availing this discount kindly Contact now